Workshop on Quantum Tomography

Overview: The purpose of [email protected] is to gather experts and students working in areas which are related to quantum state/process estimation to discuss interesting and unsolved problems. We hope that new insights and different perspectives will result from these discussions. In view of this objective, this workshop will include only a few talks and more discussion sessions.

Main areas of interests:

* Quantum state estimation
* Quantum process estimation
* Experimental tomography
* Detectors tomography
* Other related topics


Monday, 28 November
8:30am Transport depart from Link Hotel to CQT
9:00am Registration at CQT (for those who could not attend the Reception)
9:15am Zdenek Hradil's review of maximum-likelihood methods for state estimation
10:00am Robin Blume-Kohout's review of alternative methods
10:45am Coffee break
11:15am Gerd Leuch's review of experimental state estimation
12:00noon Lunch break
2:00pm Discussion sessions start, possibly in smaller groups

- Programme as of 25 October 2011, 1800hr (SG time)

Registered Participants

  • Joonwoo Bae
  • Janos Bergou
  • Iva Bezdekova
  • Jacob Biamonte
  • Robin Blume-Kohout
  • Yurii Bogdanov
  • Maria Chekhova
  • Matthias Christandl
  • Joshua Combes
  • Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano
  • Jibo Dai
  • Luiz Davidovich
  • Thomas Durt
  • Jens Eisert
  • Joseph Emerson
  • Berge Englert
  • Bruno Escher
  • Chris Ferrie
  • Steve Flammia
  • Christopher Fuchs
  • Alexei Gilchrist
  • David Gross
  • Rui Han
  • Zdenek Hradil
  • Amir Kalev
  • Sergey Kulik
  • Ruynet L. de Matos Filho
  • Yink Loong Len
  • Gerd Leuchs
  • Yi-Kai Liu
  • Yin Lu
  • Dmitri Mogilevtsev
  • Masoud Mohseni
  • Alex Monras
  • Thomas Monz
  • Pramod Mysore
  • Hui Khoon Ng
  • Matteo Paris
  • Kia Tan, Benjamin Phuah
  • Vaclav Potocek
  • Philippe Raynal
  • Jaroslav Rehacek
  • Luis Sanchez-Soto
  • Christian Schuette-Nuetgen
  • Jiangwei Shang
  • Bohumil Stoklasa
  • Takanori Sugiyama
  • Si Hui Tan
  • Yong Siah Teo
  • Mankei Tsang
  • Peter Turner

Local Organisers:

Berge Englert (CQT, NUS)
Hui Khoon Ng (CQT, NUS, and DSO National Laboratories)
Yong Siah Teo (CQT, NUS)



Workshop Venue:
Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS
3 Science Drive 2
S15-03-15 (CQT Seminar Room)
Singapore 117543

Accommodation for Workshop participants:
Link Hotel
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168733

Hotel rooms will be reserved for all overseas participants. Please indicate your travel dates in the registration page. You can email [email protected] should there be any changes.


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